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We create custom-made engineering solutions for robust services including electronic, applied mechanical, process and automation engineering.

Improvum provides a forward-thinking multidisciplinary team of professionals that works collaboratively with the client to offer competitive and efficient solutions in diverse sectors. We work with cutting-edge technology to provide our client with the most up-to-date solutions. Dedicated to helping our client bring their idea to light, we are flexible and responsive to unique project requirements from concept through product launch.

Our track-record for providing exhaustive services for diverse sectors includes projects with analogue and digital electronics, communications, ultrasonic applications, high-power devices, as well as projects in the industrial sector, including prototyping, mechanics, electronic and automation projects, as well as environmental impact assessments.

Our Approach

  • Design product definition and detail specification
  • Design implementation and development of innovation
  • Testing and quality control
  • Fine-tuning, test period, validation
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. Define

Define product specifications


Define product specifications

For processes that require multiple technical abilities, IMPROVUM uses an approach based on clear milestones to ensure that the final product complies with functionality requirements (SysML).

Our engineering team works collaboratively with clients to develop their products, identifying, defining and creating the design in the early stages of product development.

. Design

Define product specifications



In this phase we define pertinent information such as system performance, costs, physical characteristics, system yield, efficiency, interfaces and other factors that affect design.

We perform these operations in the early stages to allow clients to participate in the product definition to help them achieve their goals and ensure that the design fulfills the client’s expectations.

This approach allows us to verify the design while ensuring the user requirements to guarantee 100% client satisfaction. Finally, we establish the system requirements that allow our engineering team to complete their design within a defined schedule and budget.

. Development

Define product specifications



In the development phase we produce a well-specified model for validation and establish the development of a homogenous flow that meets scheduling and budget estimations.

. Set-up

Define product specifications



Complex systems may contain multiple modules either pre-existing or ones that have been created specifically for the system. In the set-up phase we assemble, connect and synchronize these systems. This involves refining interfaces, connections and various modules to ensure proper functioning.

. Validation

Define product specifications


Test and validation

In this phase of development, we run rigorous automated testing to ensure that the product can do the job it is designed to do with and correct interfaces. These methods reflect the test cases that were designed for each function.